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If you are getting divorced, it's easy to lose control of your life in the adversary, court-centered process. There's a newer, better way that is faster, less expensive and preserves relationships — divorce mediation.

Nan and Joseph imageDivorce mediation is the process of cooperatively resolving issues in a divorce with the assistance of neutral experts in the field, rather than the two-lawyer adversary/litigation process. You don't need a lawsuit or two fighting lawyers to make decisions concerning divorce, but you do need help. Legal, financial and tax issues can be traps for the uninformed. Divorce is not a do-it-yourself project, but it doesn't need to be a legal war. In divorce mediation, we work with both parties to resolve the issues that they need to decide in a calm, neutral setting. We guide couples through the complexities of divorce, including property division, parenting (child custody and "visitation"), child and spousal support, financing college, division of retirement benefits, life and health insurance and tax issues.

Plus refers to the additional elements we provide: legal expertise, legal information, financial analysis and planning, and drafting your divorce agreement. One of our consulting attorneys is also a certified financial planner, and another is also a certified public accountant. We use the latest financial software to analyze your current situation and plan for the future. Your life is taking a new direction, and we can help you plan for it.

Why Waste Time, Money And Stress On Litigation?

Over 99 percent of all divorce cases in America settle at some point, rather than being decided by a judge. Many cases settle just before or during trial, after major legal expenses have been incurred.

Since almost all cases settle at some point, it makes sense to have a process that is geared toward settlement, rather than preparing for a trial. In the traditional adversary process, much of the work of attorneys (for which you are billed) is related to litigation rather than settlement.

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