Divorce can definitely have an impact on a back-to-school season

| Sep 9, 2019 | Divorce |

Like those in other states, kids in Virginia recently returned to their classrooms as summer break came to a close. The back-to-school season is often hectic, especially for students entering new schools. It can also be especially challenging for students whose parents filed for divorce over summer. Building a strong support system ahead of time provides a safety net of resources that a concerned parent can tap into if a problem arises.

Becoming co-parents means learning to work together to keep the children’s best interests in mind. Even parents who are willing to cooperate and compromise for the sake of their kids might run into certain legal issues during a new school year that they perhaps did not anticipate. For instance, if a child’s mode of transportation or bus route needs to change because of a divorce, it is critical that a parent get in touch with the school district and/or the child’s teacher to discuss the matter ahead of time.

Many parents struggle when it comes to deciding which parent will attend what event. However, many Virginia co-parents find it less stressful overall to simply agree to attend school events at the same time. Doing so is typically beneficial for the children involved, as well.

Divorce definitely changes children’s lives, including the back-to-school season. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean the school year will be wrought with problems. A concerned parent in Virginia or elsewhere can access local resources, including a child’s teachers, a school guidance counselor or an experienced family law attorney as needed, to help resolve any problem issues that arise.