No need to handle child custody problems alone in Virginia

| Sep 28, 2019 | Child Custody |

When you decided to divorce, you knew it would have an impact on your children’s lives. You also believed that there wasn’t any reason the temporary disruption would necessarily ruin their lives, only change them and prompt the need for a period of adjustment as you and they adapt to a new lifestyle. In a perfect world, you and your ex would agree on all child custody issues and a Virginia family court judge would approve your agreement, then everyone could simply leave the past behind and move on in life.

In reality, however, custody issues are common sources of discontent between former spouses who, after divorce, become co-parents who are no longer in a personal relationship together. When you and your ex have a difference of opinion as to what is best for your children regarding where they should live, who should have custody, what the terms of your parenting agreement should be or any issues involving finances, it can lead to thorny legal problems. If you know ahead of time that your spouse is likely to try to throw a wrench into things when custody proceedings begin, it’s a good idea to know your rights ahead of time and also where to seek support if a problem arises.

Sometimes, child custody issues can impede your relationship with your kids. For instance, if your ex is trying to fill their minds with negative things about you, your children may become distant or cold toward you. This is not okay. Parental alienation is a serious problem that warrants immediate legal attention.

At Divorce Mediation Plus, in Virginia, we are fully equipped to help you resolve even the most difficult divorce and/or child custody problems. Physical and legal custody are high priority issues that set the tone for your post-divorce future with your children. You can be proactive to protect your rights as a parent and to make sure that your children’s needs and best interests are being met.