Reasons many Virginia spouses decide to divorce

| Oct 23, 2019 | Divorce |

It is not uncommon for married couples in Virginia and elsewhere to experience ups and downs in their relationships. Raising children, lack or surplus of money, extended family matters, employment and other life issues can take a serious toll on a marriage. There are some problems that are reportedly the most frequently cited reasons for divorce.

As one might guess, infidelity is at the top of most lists regarding why married couples file for divorce. It is understandable that a spouse who learns his or her partner has cheated would feel betrayed and angry and perhaps decide that the damage done on the marriage is irreparable. Nearly as prevalent as extra marital affairs, arguing about finances is another big problem issue that often leads to break-ups.

However, the most common issue people who file petitions for divorce say was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in their marriage is incompatibility. Newlyweds often do not mind not having a lot in common with their spouses; in fact, many say it adds flare to their relationships. As time passes, however, lack of shared interests can lead to spouses virtually living separate lives, then deciding, at some point, to call it quits altogether.

No matter what specific issues have led to a particular divorce, the process one must go through to achieve a settlement is basically the same in Virginia as in all other states. While laws often vary by state, spouses typically must choose between mediation, arbitration or litigation as means of legally severing marital ties. With any of these options, an experienced family law attorney is a valuable source of support.