Actress Julianne Reeves asking for more money in divorce

| Dec 16, 2019 | Divorce |

When a married couple ends their relationship, there is often an unbalanced set of circumstances between the two spouses regarding finances. In Virginia and elsewhere, divorce can definitely spark financial challenges, and in cases where one spouse earns a much greater income than the other, it is not uncommon for the lesser-earning spouse to request spousal support or child support if the spouses are parents together. A case that continues to unfold in another state involves actress Julianne Reeves and her ex, who is an executive at an elevator construction company.

Reeves says her child’s father earns approximately $250,000 per year while her income as an actress is unpredictable and unreliable. She has reportedly made some serious accusations against her ex, including that he is abusive, uses drugs and has committed numerous financial crimes. The man’s attorney says none of that is true and that Reeves has been dishonest about her own financial situation.

The court has received several petitions from Reeves, one requesting spousal support of approximately $7,000 per month, another asking for increased child support from nearly $2,000 to $5,000 per month. The only problem with the latter request is that her child is no longer in her custody. Following the allegations Reeves made against her child’s father, the court removed the child from her custody and ordered supervised only visitation.

In light of that fact, the judge overseeing the case has ruled that the child support petition is moot, and therefore, she is postponing a ruling on the issue. Not every divorce is as complex or contentious as this one. However, any Virginia spouse facing similar challenges may increase the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome by allowing an experienced family law attorney to act on his or her behalf in court.