Divorce can spark emotional, financial and legal problems

| Dec 2, 2019 | Divorce |

When married spouses in Virginia or elsewhere decide to go their separate ways, it often prompts changes in all aspects of their lives. Whether a spouse is the one who initially files for divorce, and even if he or she thinks the idea is a good one, most people find themselves in a great swirl of emotion, as well as other challenging situations associated with their marital breakups. Knowing where to seek support is key to coping in a healthy, productive manner.

There is no specific right way to process one’s emotions in these circumstances. However, recognizing that feelings may change, sometimes abruptly, from one day to the next is a first step toward healing. It is common to feel angry, sad, confused or worried, especially if the marriage lasted a long time. It is also okay to feel happy, relieved or even excited about the future.

Many people mistakenly believe they should be able to bounce right back and get on with life after divorce. This may be especially so for those who were the ones who filed the initial documents in court. In reality, it often takes time to rest, heal and plan for the future before one feels confident and ready to move on in life.

Experiencing financial crisis or legal problems can definitely slow the healing process after divorce. Many Virginia spouses are able to swiftly address such issues because they stay closely connected with experienced family law attorneys who are skilled negotiators and can help resolve problem issues without going to court. In fact, requesting a consultation with an attorney is often the first step toward successfully negotiating child custody, property division or alimony issues.