Who is most worried about property division in Virginia?

| Feb 25, 2020 | Property Division |

When you file for divorce in a Virginia family court, you must agree to certain terms of settlement. If you and your spouse disagree on an issue, such as property division, the judge overseeing your case can intervene on your behalf to make the necessary decisions. There are certain types of issues that tend to cause people to worry in divorce.

For instance, if yours is a high asset case and you never signed a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement, you might be concerned about property division laws. If you have reason to believe your spouse is going to try to hand you the short end of the stick in court, you might want to be especially alert and watchful regarding a potential hidden asset situation. Maybe you and your spouse are co-owners of a business.

If so, then seeking a business valuation will no doubt be a top priority in your case. Will you or your spouse be buying the other out? Do you plan on continuing to work together after finalizing your divorce? These and other issues can have a significant impact on property division proceedings.

Sometimes, child custody matters intersect with property division issues. Will one of you being staying in the house you shared in marriage so the kids don’t have to move? Will someone be paying child support? By requesting a meeting at Divorce Mediation Plus in Virginia, you can be proactive in protecting your parental rights and financial interests as you work toward a fair settlement and make plans for a new lifestyle.