Child custody: What can happen when parents don’t work as a team?

| Mar 10, 2020 | Child Custody |

Many Virginia parents who divorce agree that their highest priority is to create a co-parenting plan that keeps their children’s best interests in mind. While parents might disagree on certain child custody issues, most are willing to amicably discuss their differences in order to achieve a compromise. The main goal is to work toward a fair and agreeable settlement. In some cases, such as former celebrity couple Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, peaceful settlements do not seem to be possible.

In such cases, litigation becomes necessary. Chyna and Kardashian were never married but they have been in and out of court several times regarding custody of their 3-year-old daughter. Chyna recently made comments suggesting Kardashian suffers from depression and is afraid to leave his house.

Chyna says she is doubting whether Kardashian is fit to parent her daughter because she’s been told he has made comments about suicide. Kardashian filed an affidavit strongly rejecting Chyna’s allegations. He said he has no mental health problems and that she is saying whatever she needs to say to try to ruin his good name. Kardashian also denied accusations that he abuses alcohol and drugs.

The Virginia court would certainly want to know about any concerns one parent might have about a co-parent’s mental state or substance abuse problems. Such issues would undoubtedly influence the court’s decisions regarding child custody. However, false accusations meant as a means of revenge or to try to gain the upper hand in a custody case would not sit well with any family court judge. An experienced family law attorney can help a parent protect his or her rights and make sure children’s best interests are a central focus of all divorce or custody proceedings.