Getting by at work when getting a divorce

| Jun 25, 2020 | Divorce |

Couples in Virginia who are going through a divorce may already be receiving unsolicited advice from friends, family and even coworkers. Though it is good to have a personal support network, not everything that everyone has to say is worth listening to. Instead, individuals may rely on professionals, such as therapists and a family law attorney, to navigate the murky waters of divorce. It is also best for people to keep appropriate boundaries up while at the workplace.

Though it is fine to have a close friend at work, it is too easy to go down the path of talking with coworkers for hours about a divorce and getting distracted from actual work. On the flip side, some people throw themselves into their work to forget about their divorce troubles, which is not the healthiest coping mechanism. It is also not ideal to be a workaholic during a divorce because an employee is unlikely to perform at his or her best during this time.

Since people preoccupied with a divorce are more likely to miss a deadline or slip up during a meeting, it may be a good idea for an employee to let a supervisor know that he or she is going through trouble at home without going into too much detail. Giving a boss a head’s up will inevitably be better than making a mistake and having to ask for forgiveness after the fact.

It is also important to use personal time to recuperate and to work on forgiving oneself and one’s ex for wrongdoing in the marriage. Moving on may be facilitated by having a family law attorney handle the day-to-day complications of a divorce proceeding. An attorney may help an individual figure out what to ask for in terms of asset division.