Family law cases and lessening the impact on children

| Jul 9, 2020 | Divorce |

Children will be vulnerable in a Virginia divorce. For many families, the marriage has reached a point where the spouses can no longer stay together, but they are concerned about how the children will respond. There are certain strategies that might be considered with children in a divorce. Understanding and implementing them may make the process easier.

Protecting the children is a priority. There are three areas to consider: telling the child, assisting the child with the grieving process, and knowing what not to do. Parents should choose their words with caution and have a basic idea of what they will say beforehand. It is not necessary to go into extensive detail. Brevity is better than a long speech. It should also be said in terms the child can comprehend. Ensuring that the child feels the parents’ love is important. Avoiding blame of the other parent, preparing the children for changes, sticking to a routine and giving reassurance can smooth the transition.

Feelings of loss are unavoidable when there is a divorce. Children should not keep their thoughts to themselves. Communication, encouragement and honesty are beneficial. There will be questions, worries and fears. Discussing these issues regularly and providing reassurance will help the child move forward, slowly accept the situation and adjust to it. There are certain parts of a divorce that could be detrimental. The child should never be caught in the middle. Remembering that the child is still a child and should not be treated as a confidant is essential. There is no reason for the children to know intimate details about the case. Making inappropriate comments about the other parent or causing discord in their relationship is a negative.

Any divorce can have complications. This is exacerbated when there are children. Adhering to sensible practices with the children can shield them and help with adapting to new circumstances. The parents must also make sure to protect their own interests with child custody, child support and visitation rights. Consulting with a family law firm with experience and compassion may be helpful from the start.