A prenup can be essential in some situations

| Aug 7, 2020 | Divorce |

According to a financial wealth expert, there are three circumstances that definitely warrant signing a prenup because of the protections it can provide. The first is when a person has children and is going into a second marriage. In this case, a prenup can establish that the correct spouse’s children get their inheritance in case of their parent’s death. A second situation is when one spouse has significantly more assets than the other. A prenup can protect assets if the marriage ends. The third situation is when there is a family business is involved. A prenup can ensure that the business remains with the original family if the couple divorces.

Prenuptial agreements can prevent certain issues arising if the marriage does end. For example, prenups can establish how shared bank accounts or marital assets will be divided in a divorce. A prenup can determine issues such as spousal support in the event of separation or divorce. They can be very specific to each marriage and situation. With both spouses seeking legal advice and negotiating the aspects of the prenup in a fair manner, they can provide some ease if the marriage does dissolve.

While not a romantic part of an impending marriage, signing a prenup is a practical decision. Couples who are getting married might choose to sign a prenup. To do this, each person might contact a lawyer to guide and advise them through the prenup negotiations. A lawyer may help ensure that their client enters into a fair and ethical prenup. They may also offer representation during the negotiations with their client’s future spouse.