How to cope with divorce

| Aug 5, 2020 | Divorce |

Married Virginia residents who are going through a divorce can take some steps to make the separation process a little more bearable. For most people, relying on friends and family for emotional support can be very beneficial. Though it is good to vent, a support system can be used for more than just a sounding board. Doing fun activities together with others or alone can help individuals start to move on from their exes.

For some people, it can be helpful to get back into the dating world during or after a divorce, but this is not something to rush. That said, people should not let a divorce scare them off from all future dating.

When it is time to discuss the value of marital property assets and their division between the spouses, people should do their best to leave their emotions out of the equation. This is easier said than done, and it may require letting a family law attorney take sole control over discussions with a spouse or his or her attorney. This is particularly true in a courtroom: If someone cannot keep his or her emotions contained, it would be best not to speak up at all.

Divorcing individuals with minor children have even more to worry about during the separation process, but they should remember that complaining to a child about the divorce or about the other spouse is not appropriate and can cause psychological harm to children. Parents should also avoid fighting in front of their children. Parents should give their children a safe space to discuss their own feelings, which may include having them speak to a therapist, but children do not need to be pulled into the drama between their parents. A family law attorney can help with any disputes over child custody or property valuation and separation.